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Burly Knits is a luxury atelier that produces the highest quality handmade accessories with the goal of keeping hand made skills thriving and valid. In a time when instant supply rules all, and desire is spontaneous, we are taking the slow road in order to create items that will truly be loved and enjoyed for a lifetime. We engage the expert skills learned over many years by individuals passionate about hand knitting, and we support community level initiatives that work towards creating a more consciously chosen, compassionate and sustainable world. It takes a village to change the world, and it takes a few individuals in that village to make it all happen. We love what we do, we love sharing what we do.



The Burly Story

Infused with Love & Consciously Created for All

Offering handmade luxury knitwear and accessories, Burly Knits envisioned by Canadian renaissance man and designer James Crispin Janz, is quite simply a return to hand-made luxury, crafted one by one out of the finest sourced natural fibres, textiles and trimmings.

Each piece is consciously constructed stitch by stitch, one at a time, infusing each creation with beauty, creativity and positive energy providing a lifetime of inspired enjoyment and love.

Burly knows everyone deserves to be wrapped in the best, softest, richest and most natural textiles - to take the chill out of the air, to make a personal statement, or to curl up within.

Available exclusively by custom order. Please contact us to bring your Burly home.

Love, Burly