Chunky Merino Touque - navy

Chunky Merino Touque - navy


Chunky Classic Cuffed

A chunky super warm variation on our classic cuffed touque. This Canadian Winter staple – the toque is a hand knitted hat with a full turnable ribbed cuff that you can adjust. Available in one fitted size to keep the head warm with a fully rollable ribbed cuff. Featuring the signature gold embroidered label, this toque can be pulled down for a more fitted hat, or pulled back for a more casual look.


- 100% fine spun - chunky gauge Merino Wool


Gently machine wash, or hand wash, squeeze out excess water and roll in a towel to remove remainder of water; lay flat to dry, with the cuff unrolled. This wool will reset its shape and tighten up to like new after washing. Smooth out label and when dry, touch with a steam iron through a cloth to restore shape. Use a gentle soap for fine woolens.

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Medium to large sized heads will find this more fitted and close to the head with minimal slouch. The cuff allows for a tighter or looser fit by rolling or unrolling it. It is just right for a cold winter or to keep the wind away.

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