Dark Navy Cashmere Touque

Dark Navy Cashmere Touque

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Classic Cuffed

A classic Canadian Winter staple - the touque is a hand knitted hat with a full turnable ribbed cuff that you can adjust. There are two sizes to choose from. Entirely handknit on 3mm needles, the gauge is nice and tight to ensure a warm cover for your noggin. Featuring the brass engraved label, this premium toque can be pulled down for a more fitted hat, or pulled back for a more casual look.


- Baby cashmere, silk, merino wool
- Fine gauge texture
- Heathered, soft navy blue


Gently machine wash, or hand wash, squeeze out excess water and roll in a towel to remove remainder of water; lay flat to dry, with the cuff unrolled.  This wool will reset its shape and tighten up to like new after washing, and regain its lustre if dulled by wear. Use a gentle soap for fine woollens - we recommend Ecalan.

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Medium to large sized heads will find this more fitted and close to the head without any slouch. The cuff allows for a tighter or looser fit by rolling or unrolling it.


Larger heads will find this looser and slightly slouchy for a more casual look. Even with the cuff rolled, it will have a casual fit and can be worn further back on the head.

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